Saturday, 5 February 2011

Tune of the Day Featured Artist #3 Tom Moulton 6th Feb to 12th Feb 2011

Tom Moulton
NuNorthern Soul takes a retrospective look at one of the pioneering figures of the early disco / dance music scene, Tom Moulton. Without Tom we are pretty confident the Disco scene would not have flourished as it did in the 70' and 80's and this would have had a dramatic effect on all elements of dance culture including

Tom Moulton was responsible for the edit. Taking a track and extending the breaks sections or stripping back elements to create grooves and space, essential for the dancers. This subject is covered in many other blogs and sites, we suggest you go off an explore and learn about the art. Tom is also credited for accidentally creating the 12" maxi single.

Check out an amazing interview with Tom HERE

From the 6th February, for 7 days we shall be tweeting a Tune of the Day from our @NuNorthernSoul twitter account that Tom Moulton extended.

More information on Tom Moulton available HERE

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