Tuesday, 29 March 2011

NuNorthern Soul uStream Session - Live from NNS HQ

Tuesdays are generally rather boring, so we decided to play some records and invite a few people to listen...

We got very self indulgent and even got the Rare Earth 'Get Ready' track in, all 22 minutes of it!

Monday, 28 March 2011

Graphics, Fonts and Other Such Lovely Things...

As well as great music we also love design... This comes from those days thumbing through wonderful gatefold album sleeves or flipping through 7"s with amazing centres...

We came across this lovely site that creates random art from the words used in your blog or website...

Check the site out HERE

Wordy Smith!

We have added our TAG cloud to the site as we love it so much!

Sunday, 27 March 2011

NuNorthern Soul uStream Session - Liverpool 27th March 2011

All Aboard

We managed to record two hours of the uStream broadcast from the event at
The Shipping Forecast on Sunday the 27th March.

Thanks to NNS All Star Ste Hodge for helping us sort the sound issues, good to have a set of ears out there!

There was a nice crowd in with a few people enquiring about NuNorthern Soul and the music being played, which is always nice.

Lots of nice music recorded, only slightly ruined by Phat Phil's ugly mug looming in the video.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Chester Summer Sessions

Flying the Flag...

We sit here, windows open wide, music sneaking out the speakers and we could swear Summer has arrived early...!

If this sudden run of Sunshine is a sneaky peek of what is to come then we are in for a treat of a Summer...

As Roy once said "Everybody Loves The Sunshine..."
Sunshine Soul
For those who are not familiar with NuNorthern Soul and its history, we started as Northern Soul in a tiny boozer in Chester over 10 years ago... We added the 'Nu' part as we kept getting die hard Northern Soul fans turning up and them be-moaning we had nicked the name of the scene they loved so dearly...

Anyway, keeping on track... NuNorthern Soul will be hosting Monthly all day affairs at The Commercial Hotel in Chester. These sessions start at 2pm and run for 12 hours, we have an amazing outdoor space that runs till 10pm and then its inside for 2 rooms of music ranging from Soul, House, Disco, Dance Floor Jazz and other musical oddities... These events are aimed at the dancers...

We shall be bringing in various guests from the four corners of the UK and Europe including Onda Sonora (Belgium), Cubik Music (Ireland), Those That Know (Durham), Zodiac Club DJs and Gary J (Wrexham) plus the usual support from the NNS All Stars!

Session #5 is Saturday May the 28th
Session #6 is Saturday June the 18th
Session #7 is Saturday July the 30th
Session #8 is Saturday August the 27th

Onda Sonora - Making Waves

The venue has several amazing boutique style rooms for those who want to make a trip out of it, they have lots of amazing food and booze on offer and through the day will be running a BBQ...

Tear Along Dotted Line

For those who like it more laid back then check out the monthly session at The Faulker in Hoole, Chester... NuNorthern Soul will be presenting the soundtrack for 'Music to dine to..."

Starting on Sunday 5th June these session will run from 4pm to 9pm, the music policy is very low key and downtempo, strictly for head nodders, toe tappers, Sunday diners and those who come to slouch...

NuNorthern Soul Session 29 by NuNorthern_Soul

Facebook information HERE
Directions HERE

The Faulkner

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

KAT45 - 003 7" Edits - Artwork Samples

Our friends at KAT45 are working on the third 7" release due to hit the streets end of May...

Here is a sneaky peak at the label artwork that has been lovingly designed by
Phil Bedford of Studio Philly!

Check out some of his other flava's HERE

You can contact him HERE if you want to use his services!

A Side

B Side

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Loleatta Holloway RIP

We lost one of THE voices today, the man upstairs got another singer for his choir...

Aged 64, taken far to early.

RIP Sister!

Friday, 18 March 2011


Once again our friends at KAT records turn in another mix of joy... Some exclusive cuts from their label plus some edits forthcoming on their NEW 7" imprint, KAT45...

Get stuck in!

Track List
Gil Scott Heron - New York is Killing Me 'Ashley Beedle Edit'
Grooveman Spot - 5HG Rhythm
Addiquit - Take u Home
Shuggie Otis - Aht Uh Mi Hed
Zambon - I Kissed Gaana Tardner
The Gimmicks - California Soul
The Supremes - Stormy Toni Blackbeard Edit (KAT45 promo)
Kindred Sprits Ensemble - Shining Liberation 'Vocal Mix'
Minilogue - My Teenager Gang
Ramadanman & Applebim - Void 23 'Carl Craig Edit'
Perfect Love Affair - Million Dollar Disco Edit (KAT Records)
Gwen McCrae - Keep the Fire Burning 'Revenge Edit'
Yellow Sox - Flim Flam
Santana - Aquamarine 'Onur Engin Edit' (KAT promo)

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Phat Phil Cooper Liverpool Gigs - March

Our very own Phat Phil will be playing a 5 hour set at The Sink on Berry Street in Liverpool on Friday 25th March, this will be a delve into Phil's more uptempo selections, so expect Disco, Dance floor Jazz, Soulful House... Strictly for the dancers...

More details HERE.

For those who follow our regular updates on Facebook and Twitter and indeed those who attend our parties, you will be aware that we have a monthly Sunday session at The Shipping Forecast on Slater Street, Liverpool. Our date  for March is the 27th... Details HERE.

This will also be broadcast LIVE with full audio and video via our uStream Channel from 4pm.

Expect Balearic bombs, funky Folk, deep Disco, cool Country and other such musical oddities.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

White Elephant 'Sir John' REDUX records

White Elephant

Its not often we are completely bowled over by a piece of music, well today was one of those completely bowled over days.

With the current trend of Balearic crossing over to every aspect of clubland, TV and general day to day life, this piece of music could easily be lumped into that category, but let us not forget, lots of Balearic is actually bloody bollocks, by crowning something Balearic does not mean it is is good... Sorry, mini rant over...

This however, is bloody good, nah, in-fact its bloody amazing. Its the work of Benjamin Smith of Smith and Mudd fame,  Jim Baron and Chris Todd of Crazy P, its a meeting of musical minds with dramatic results.

This lives on a 10" vinyl release, and has been presented to the masses by those lovely chaps from Redux. They have even pulled in the remix skills of Mark E to work the track up for a chugging dance-floor groover

This truly is a piece of music worthy of being committed to vinyl and we here at NNS HQ advise you track it down from your local vinyl emporium and purchase.

Piccadilly, Manchester
Phonica, That London

Sunday, 6 March 2011

NuNorthern Soul HQ uStream Sunday 6th March 2011

We are big fans of the uStream service so we thought we would start to do some additonal LIVE streams from NNS HQ. Here is our first attempt...

Lots of great music, a bit of very quiet chit chat and hardly any shots of Phat Phil, which is a bonus. We must check the mic levels next time!

Anyway, hit play, sit back, relax and enjoy!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Jerald Daemyon 'Summer Madness' (Out of the vaults)

The Sleeve

As the weather starts to warm up, well 3 days of sunshine is a definate sign Summer is on the way, our minds start to wander to the thoughts of playing records on beaches etc... This is one of those records...

Pressed on beautiful 180 gram vinyl, this double pack is pure beach and sunshine vibes. Laid back beats and grooving keys whisk the listener off to tropical climes.

The Label
The double pack we have at NNS HQ comes from New Yorks Giant Step label and was released in 1996 with a great set of mixes from the Masters at Work ranging from Jazzy Hip Hop through to Uptempo via a Spacey mix.

The Remixers

Check it our here at Discogs, well worth a purchase!

Friday, 4 March 2011

KAT45 7" Edits - Artwork Samples

As we mentioned a couple of posts ago, our good friends at KAT Records are getting some lovely 7"s ready for Record Store Day on the 16th April.

Get Involved!!!

Here are some of the ideas for the label artwork so far.

You can listen to the track samplers HERE

Work In Progress