Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Guest Selector #5 A Man Called Adam 2nd January 2011 to 8th January 2011

It gives us great pleasure to welcome 'A Man Called Adam' to take the helm of the 'guest selector' spot here at NNS HQ from the 2nd to 8th January 2011.

For those who may be unfamiliar with them, check out the info HERE.

NuNorthern Soul have been massive fans and friends of AMCA since watching them play live outside the Cafe Del Mar, Ibiza in 1992, a truly life changing moment for us, for sure!

From the 2nd January AMCA will be linking us up with tracks that they love, we shall be tweeting them out via our @NuNorthernSoul account for you to also enjoy. You can also follow them @a_mancalledadam You can also search via Twitter for all other #NNSTOTD related goodness.

AMCA AKA Rogers and Jones shall also be performing their fist live show in 4 years on the 16th January at Cafe Oto in Dalston, supporting Markus Popp...


This is how it is billed...

"These days both Rodgers and Jones are sonic artists and academics working in the fields of Sound Theory and Modern Poetics, and as professional sound designers their CV includes gallery enabling sound for major museum exhibitions including the British Museum’s current Egyptian blockbuster, The Book of the Dead: Journey to the Afterlife. They are currently experimenting with a concept using installation technology, which they loosely describe as ‘talking with spaces’. Improvising with the sounds of the space they’re in, they generate new sound from recitation to the hidden sounds of obsolete technologies, and using real-time processing their interactions create unique audible ecosystems. Conversations that will never be repeated."

More details HERE

We couldn't do this blog post without remembering, in our honest opinion, one of the most beautiful songs ever written, Barefoot in the Head...

You can social network with AMCA on Facebook and MySpace

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Friday, 24 December 2010

Featured Artist #1 4Hero

NuNorthern Soul has always been about sharing GREAT music with new and old friends, in the olden days (LOL) this was done via Sunday session in friends boozers, with lots of big comfortable chairs, red wine, the odd roast dinner. We still do these, but we also have other channels to spread the good word. The NNS 'Featured Artist' we hope will be another way to communicate some of the amazing music we love to you...

Forgive us if we are preaching to the converted but we wanted to kick off our 'featured artist' selections with one of, if not the finest UK production teams, 4Hero.

If you are unaware of them, then this forthcoming set of selections that will be featured on the 'NuNorthern Soul Tune of the Day' or #NNSTOTD, will give you a small insight of the amazing work they have done over many years. 

They have collaborated with artists such as Jill Scott, Terry Callier to name but a few...

Hailing from Dollis Hill, North West London, 4Hero have shaped, pioneered and spearheaded some of the finest movements in UK black music from jungle to D&B, House to Techno, Broken Beat to Neo Soul, and lets not forget Hip - Hop, Mark 'Marc Mac' Clair & Dennis 'Dego' McFarlane are simply some of the finest innovators, period!

Each day, starting on the 26th December 2010 we shall tweet out a track via our @NuNorthernSoul account. These tracks represent a fraction of the amazing catalogue that 4Hero have produced over the last 20 years or so. These also represent the tracks that we at NNS HQ love and have featured in our sessions and podcasts over the years. They hit the mark for us, and we hope they do for you...

You can also follow them on Twitter @4Hero

To give you a taster click on the following links for more information

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Saturday, 18 December 2010

Tune of the Day Update 12th December 2010 to 18th December 2010

Our #NNSTOTD guest selectors @OndaSonora really took care of business last week.

To get involved simply follow us @NuNorthernSoul on Twitter and each day we Tweet out a link to a lovely piece of music...

Here is a recap of Onda Sonora's choice cuts




74 Miles Away - Same Dream Again feat. AHU & Miles Bonny by LaidBack




Sunday, 12 December 2010

Tune Of The Day Update 5th December 2010 to 11th December 2010

Guest selector Mark de Clive Lowe took care of duties last week with his sublime selections below...

Currently selecting we have the boys from Belgium, Onda Sonora, keep up to date by following @NuNorthernSoul on Twitter

Sunday 5th December

Monday 6th December

Tuesday 7th December

Wednesday 8th December

Thursday 9th December

Friday 10th December

Saturday 11th December

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

NuNorthern Soul Tune of the Day Guest Selector #3 - Onda Sonora

The guest selector sessions on Twitter are starting to gather speed now... From the 12th to the 18th of December 2010 we have a cracking selection from an old friend of NuNorthern Soul, Bart Sibiel from the Belgium collective, Onda Sonora. Based in Brussels these guys are part of a nu-wave of promoters, DJs and all round party starters pushing all things soulful.

Each day at 11:20am GMT, we shall tweet out a #NNSTOTD, we do this because we believe that good music is to be shared, music sounds so much better when it becomes a communal experience. To get involved simply follow @NuNorthernSoul on Twitter, all we ask is, if you like the track, RT it your followers and spread the joy!

You can get involved with the wonderful world of Onda Sonora through the various social networks they populate with the good word...

Anyway, the Onda Sonora crew are busy boys, here is what they have coming up...


11/12/2010 – RELEASE – Beursschouwburg, Brussels.
RELEASE is an effort to get creative people out of their cosy natural habitat and make their work heard or seen by a wider public. A bit like CDR in London and other initiatives elsewhere but not bound to music alone. We try not to limit ourselves to genres or styles. Which makes Release hard to pinpoint by a simple baseline. What connects the people we promote is their wayward, forward-thinking approach resulting in a off-centre yet accessible art.

We organize concerts, jams, expositions, screenings, workshops, lectures, … by preference not separately but combined as a multifaceted experience. We also make use of the many different media at our disposal; websites, radio shows, (social) networks, viral videos, …

Our next event, the third one we do, happens on December 11th. With Sagat, Strand, Lemakuhlar and Panzer Kunst as the local heroes performing on stage. Nosedrip and SNS will DJ at the afterparty. Before the gigs there’s an expo and screenings of videos. Entrance is free.
RELEASE is a joint venture between Onda SonoraLaid BackEckelwood and On-Point.

12/12/2010 – OUR PARTY – Belle-Vue, Brussels.
This is the party we organise with our good friend Nick Blow. An expat in Brussels, like so many, but one we’ve never felt was a stranger as he loves the same music as we do. A fellow Southport Weekender enthusiast too.

Our aim is to organise our ideal party. Meaning an excellent sound (Funktion One, UREI rotary mixer, Bozak Isolator), a welcoming atmosphere, fair prices, lots of lovely people and quality Soulful music. Something we think we’re slowly succeeding at. Building a nice party with our own little community of Brusseleirs, Flemish people, Walloons and expats.  Proving we can live together.

At the previous editions we’ve had Rainer Tr├╝by, Vanessa Freeman and Phil Asher as guests. The last edition of 2010 will be a residents only affair. With our radio hosts, good friend and esteemed Onda Sonora family member Dieter handling the warming up duties.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

London Hooligan Soul - Then and Now...

In 1990, London felt the anger and passion of the people, Thatcher and her Tory party had instigated the Poll Tax and this was the last straw for many, it was the flame that ignited the blue touch paper and led to the 'Battle of Trafalgar Square'...

Dave Hill, a photographer tells his story...

"The Anti-Poll Tax demonstration had been a peaceful rally that was winding up by the time I arrived on that late Saturday afternoon in late March.

I had gone to Trafalgar Square in the hope of taking some interesting images of street protest, but within minutes of my arrival something had changed and the tension in the air quickly become palpable. Before long there was agitated pushing as the lines of demonstrators were contained by young and inexperienced police. The pushing soon escalated to a stand-off, with lines clearly drawn like those of a medieval battlefield, and bottles and stones started raining down on the police. This was when I realised that the 20 or so press photographers and I were in a no-mans land, halfway between the law and demonstrators, and anything thrown at the police that fell short was coming down on us.

The police lines then opened to allow the mounted riot officers to enter, heading straight for the demonstrators - through the ranks of photographers. To identify ourselves as press we held cameras in the air and the horses passed between us, towards those throwing bottles and stones. To my left South Africa House had just been set alright and black smoke poured out (this was 1990 and South Africa was still a hated apartheid regime).

Things were escalating very rapidly but it was only when a bottle smashed on a lamppost directly above me that I realised it was time to leave, so made my way to a pro-lab in Soho to get the film processed and safe.

In the days that followed the police appealed to all photographers present to surrender their images so that the troublemakers could be identified. They obviously hadn't considered the implications to photographers in the future, who would surely have been viewed as agents of the police had this happened.

As a result the two rolls of film that I shot on that Saturday afternoon have remained unseen for 20 years, with the exception of one shot that was used for the cover of our Ballistic Brothers 'London Hooligan Soul' album."

Dave Hill along with Ashley Beedle, Uschi Classen, Rocky and Diesel, was part of The Ballistic Brothers and the album he refers to was released in 1995.

  1. "Portobello Cafe"
  2. "Come On"
  3. "Soho Cab Ride"
  4. "I'll Fly Away"
  5. "Jah Jah Call You"
  6. "Mark's Lude"
  7. "I Don't Know"
  8. "Sister Song"
  9. "A Beautiful Source"
  10. "Steppin into Eden"
  11. "Peckings"
  12. "Uschi's Lament"
Check the audio HERE

Our favourite track

Taken from the album sleeve notes

"If our memories serve us well... Bunking school for crackers on a Friday lunchtime, forget your dinner ladies. Pirate radio,codes from the underground...Saturday night blues dances and forbidden moves to Phoebe's,Four Aces and Club Norick. Shaka, Fatman and Sir Coxone, the original drum and bass. Sneaking out of the back door with your brand new shoes. Saturday's alright for fighting. Skinheads getting a beat down, ambush in the night. Stuarts in the day Fila, Lacoste, Tacchini, Armani, Lois, Nike and Kappa. Taxing the rich and famous and rushing the Burberry door. Scoring a draw down the Saints. A pick up from the SPG. Blair Peach a crying shame the NF and unmarked police vans who is to blame? Clash city rockers and white men in Hammersmith Palais. Road trips to Caister, Soul Tribes, The Frontline and the Soul Partners. All dayers in Bournemouth taking the train, taking a train, ego trip dabbing speed it's all you need. Westwood, Family Quest no contest. West End B-boys and fly girls, chrome angels Graff bombing the Met. Breaking in the Garden ... Covent to you suckers. An armful of Studio 1 from Daddy Peckings. Flim Flam to Meltdown. The Jay Brothers, goodtimes and great tribulations. Gilles P and Paul Murphy Zulu style at the Electric. Brother Paul boogie times. The Beat Route and Hard Times. Fifteen years of fucking Tories, on the dole, a thousand stories of promised lands and meccas - Blackpool. To you the sweet sounds of Levine and Curtis. The Language Lab said and Dirtbox spread and old bill cracking miners heads. Who killed Liddle Towers? The Jam at Wembley seven times and National Health for the last time. Bump and hustle, soul 45s, too far gone there is no way back. Phuture, Acid, Confusion, The Rush, The Love, the smiling hooligan with dodgy gear open minds close and get the fear. East Grinstead and Bognor lads away, falling and laughing, escape to Brighton or off to Ibiza tying to maintain the buzz. Getting older and getting wed. Elvis is dead. Is anybody out there? A poll tax riot going on. They have sold my country..."

The following photo is one of the unseen shots take by Dave Hill in 1990.

copyright of David Hill, reproduced with rights holders permission

In 2010 London and other major cities are feeling the anger of the people, the Tory government have instigated legislation that see's and end to funded University tuition fee's...

What's next...?

Dave Hill now runs the incredible events featuring David 'Ram Jam' Rodigan

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Tune of the Day Update 28th November to 4th December 2010

This weeks selections came from the NuNorthern Soul team, coming up we have guest selector Mark de Clive Lowe, more details can be found HERE.

To get involved follow @NuNorthernSoul on Twitter

Sunday 28th

Monday 29th

Tuesday 30th

Wednesday 1st

Thursday 2nd

Friday 3rd

Saturday 4th


Friday, 3 December 2010

An Honouree Cork Man... what Stevie G, one of Irelands most prolific of DJs and man of soul once called Phat Phil Cooper when he was frequenting the wonderful City of Cork in the late 90's... Phil said "I really fell in love with the City, the people and the vibe...".

Cork, with the help of Stevie G used to host a dedicated festival to Soul and Disco attracting many of the scenes big players of the day who knew that they had an open opportunity to play exactly what they wanted...

Southern Soul and Disco Flyer

Stevie G
Stevie G Blog

Phil had the very good fortune of playing in Cork over the space of a couple of years at the legendary club, simply called 'Sweat' at Sir Henrys, home to the incredible 'Fish Go Deep' boys, or Shane and Greg to their friends. Those boys held a residency of something like 13 years at the space before it was demolished and they moved to Club ONE, a venue Phil also shared a monthly residency at. Stevie G also held court in the Back Bar of Sir Henrys... Check his Back Bar mix HERE

Fish Go Deep
Fish Go Deep Interview

120bpm Part 1 - Sir Henrys Documentary

120bpm Part 2 - Sir Henrys Documentary

120bpm Part 3 - Sir Henrys Documentary

120bpm Part 4 - Sir Henrys Documentary

Anyway the point of this post is the highlight the date for NuNorthern Soul's Cork session... We are delighted to be holding a session on the 30th January 2011. Phat Phil Cooper will be joined by Colin from Cubik Music for a NuNorthern Soul afternoon session at The Pavilion, Cork, Ireland.

More details to follow...