Saturday 29 December 2012

Introducing TOMO

When we decided to release the BJ Smith covers of Mos Def and The Pharcyde we wanted to create a limited edition package for the vinyl junkies and collectors amongst our friends...

We had been aware of Liverpool based artists, TOMO via our brothers over at No Fakin' who had been using his artistic skills for time on various posters and promotional material... Plus having ran into him at various events and record fairs we knew this cat was right for getting involved...

So no more rambling from us... here is what TOMO had to say and hopefully the photos tell the story!

BJ Smith 'Umi Says / Runnin'' available here with limited edition hand screen printed sleeves by TOMO

When I was first contacted about working on this project I thought "Not bad eh", this being the kind of interesting work that I always look forward to. At the same time though it was a bit daunting, having not only to create something worthy of B.J Smith's wonderful craftsmanship but also that of "The Greats" - Mos Def and The Pharcyde. I started just exploring how the themes of both songs related to my own creativity. The messages in both tracks are not only great but also important, facing your troubles and sharing your positivity, universal stuff really. So like most people I'm trying to do this anyway, the inspiration is there already. I was sitting in my kitchen drinking tea with some guests whilst explaining the fundamentals of locksmithing when the spark hit me, I could finally see how it would look. So I grabbed a pencil and start making it happen. There's a lot of symbols common in my work, the moving hand, the running man, bricks, clouds, gemstones etc. Some of it quite cryptic but in a nutshell it just basically shows my interpretation of the music, it came out alright and I hope you all enjoy this one as much as I did. Peace. - Tomo

TOMO Website

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