Thursday, 24 March 2011

Chester Summer Sessions

Flying the Flag...

We sit here, windows open wide, music sneaking out the speakers and we could swear Summer has arrived early...!

If this sudden run of Sunshine is a sneaky peek of what is to come then we are in for a treat of a Summer...

As Roy once said "Everybody Loves The Sunshine..."
Sunshine Soul
For those who are not familiar with NuNorthern Soul and its history, we started as Northern Soul in a tiny boozer in Chester over 10 years ago... We added the 'Nu' part as we kept getting die hard Northern Soul fans turning up and them be-moaning we had nicked the name of the scene they loved so dearly...

Anyway, keeping on track... NuNorthern Soul will be hosting Monthly all day affairs at The Commercial Hotel in Chester. These sessions start at 2pm and run for 12 hours, we have an amazing outdoor space that runs till 10pm and then its inside for 2 rooms of music ranging from Soul, House, Disco, Dance Floor Jazz and other musical oddities... These events are aimed at the dancers...

We shall be bringing in various guests from the four corners of the UK and Europe including Onda Sonora (Belgium), Cubik Music (Ireland), Those That Know (Durham), Zodiac Club DJs and Gary J (Wrexham) plus the usual support from the NNS All Stars!

Session #5 is Saturday May the 28th
Session #6 is Saturday June the 18th
Session #7 is Saturday July the 30th
Session #8 is Saturday August the 27th

Onda Sonora - Making Waves

The venue has several amazing boutique style rooms for those who want to make a trip out of it, they have lots of amazing food and booze on offer and through the day will be running a BBQ...

Tear Along Dotted Line

For those who like it more laid back then check out the monthly session at The Faulker in Hoole, Chester... NuNorthern Soul will be presenting the soundtrack for 'Music to dine to..."

Starting on Sunday 5th June these session will run from 4pm to 9pm, the music policy is very low key and downtempo, strictly for head nodders, toe tappers, Sunday diners and those who come to slouch...

NuNorthern Soul Session 29 by NuNorthern_Soul

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Directions HERE

The Faulkner

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