Thursday, 10 March 2011

White Elephant 'Sir John' REDUX records

White Elephant

Its not often we are completely bowled over by a piece of music, well today was one of those completely bowled over days.

With the current trend of Balearic crossing over to every aspect of clubland, TV and general day to day life, this piece of music could easily be lumped into that category, but let us not forget, lots of Balearic is actually bloody bollocks, by crowning something Balearic does not mean it is is good... Sorry, mini rant over...

This however, is bloody good, nah, in-fact its bloody amazing. Its the work of Benjamin Smith of Smith and Mudd fame,  Jim Baron and Chris Todd of Crazy P, its a meeting of musical minds with dramatic results.

This lives on a 10" vinyl release, and has been presented to the masses by those lovely chaps from Redux. They have even pulled in the remix skills of Mark E to work the track up for a chugging dance-floor groover

This truly is a piece of music worthy of being committed to vinyl and we here at NNS HQ advise you track it down from your local vinyl emporium and purchase.

Piccadilly, Manchester
Phonica, That London

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