Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The White Elephant Sessions

Some months ago in this very blog we posted some details about White Elephant and their forthcoming 10" on the Redux label, remember...? If not, you can find it HERE

Well in a nutshell we were babbling on about how bloody marvellous it was and you should immediately rush out and purchase it, well did you...? 

OK, so it now looks like some kind of album project is under way, we think that is also bloody marvellous...

Our very own Phat Phil was partaking in a few real ales with Benjamin Smith of the W.E. outfit a few weeks ago and he hinted at pulling together some kind of studio insight session, and by crikey, here is it is... Some lovely music from Chris Todd, James Baron and Benjamin Smith plus some tomfoolery from the chaps in the studio.

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