Friday, 18 November 2011

NuNorthern Soul Session 35 Guest Selector Mr Doris

First off, lets apologise for the numbering of the NNS sessions, we are at number 35, not 34 as this cloud cast may suggest...

Anyway, up to the plate is Mr Doris, Ibiza standard when it comes to something fresh and not mass produced, main stream junk food, this boy is straight up grade A connoisseur business, the Mac and cheese, the real tasty stuff... Mr Doris holds it down for We Love at Space on Sundays where he hosts his 'After Dark' sessions.

NuNorthern Soul first met up with Mr Doris many Ibiza full moons ago at the legendary Ancient People where NNS often shared the space to host leftfield parties, funky treats and beats order of the day (and night)... Ancient People has grown up in to an amazing Indian restaurant now, but back in the day it was the freshest party place for odd beats and pieces...

Our own Phat Phil clearly remembers hearing Mr Doris drop the following one afternoon, it was then he realised this man had soul! Perfect vibes!!

So here we have the Mr Doris guest selections for NuNorthern Soul.

Track List
This Is London  - Unforscene
The Roosevelt Blues feat. Megan Washington - Lanu
Mockingbird - Nostaligia77
In Your Eyes - Oddisee
Mutes & Drops - Hint
I Just Can't - Mozez
In the Twilight  - TM Juke
The Truth - Handsome Boy Modelling School 
Heroes (Kruder's Long Loose Bossa) - Roni Size
Rio De Noche - Red Astaire
Alcazar (Instrumental) - Tape Five
Pretty Little Thing - Fink
Sweet Thang - Shuggie Otis
Billy Jack - Curtis Mayfield 

For more fresh flavours and news from Mr Doris world check out

Mr Doris is also touring hard over the next months, be sure to try and check him
07 /12/11 After Dark, Red Bar, Ibiza   
11/12/11 Lock Tavern, Camden, London 
16/12/11 Tonic, Sydney
17/12/11 World Bar, Sydney
24/12/11 Fundafied. Sydney
25/12/11 TBA Melbourne
26/12/11 Newcastle Raceway
26/12/11 The World Bar, Sydney
30/12/11 Funkdafied, Sydney
31/12/11 Bellavista, Cairns
01/01/12 Space Festival, Sydney
01/01/12 High Flyers, Sydney
01/01/12 The Jam, Melbourne 

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